because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Senin, 18 Februari 2013

HOT this

What's new about me...... getting confuse now! Noph, it's nor about love neither money hahaa! It's about my study! Oh my, am so much dizzy at these several months. Oke please stop guessing what happen to my study. I am not having trouble with my grade. It won't ever happen(Insyallah). Hemm hemm hemm a scholarship comes.

Well, studying overseas is one of my curiosity since I have known English. Talking about the environment and advantages make me so eager, sounds so good.

And when the chance came from a lovable country, was just like a dream comes true. Thinking i would be so happy then such as some of my friend who's goin' there soon at this year. Every part of it's like a fairy tale. A diary girl got his dream very close by this chance. I said to my self that way.

Conversely, i'am taking my time most to think about my decision. I have thought that life would be different but it goes differently after i got this. I should have realize what would happen at the future.

In sum, finishing my current study is my primary right now, making the best i have. and, I couldn't have any other choice than that. I am on a halfway, and leaving my study will completely wasting my money if i do. I think i could get another scholars(sure) or maybe a trip someday.

I hope i could stick with this believing :')

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