because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Senin, 25 Februari 2013

2nd beginning (Mag-Eng)

Semester baru dah mulai lagi, it means schedule weekend bakal padat lagi. Eits, i'm not telling that it used to yah. Ini karena saya kuliahnya pas weekend. Nah jadi yang selama ini mikir nggak-nggak kalau saya bilang sibuk saat weekend. Because I might be so busy with paper, articles and ever researches which is not only one but more than what you could imagine. So, Saya sama sekali gak lg having business like what teenager do mostly. Maybe an exeption for a very tiring class. Hihi

Oiyah let me tell you first, i'm taking Magister program for English education. It's already my2nd semester, and i  wish i could finish it soon. Why? Because i catch the name of the very cynical lecturer on the list. She's well-known with her terrible roles. I wonder how i learn then.

But overall i have a very nice classmate. It's so true that "tak kenal maka tak sayang" Because i ever said to myself that they are so introvert. I was wrong. They are fucking crazy and could make me feel it too. For almost more than 4 months we have been through funny, great and inspiring lecturing and i hope life would treat us for a better education ahead. Yeah for a role model of a better future.

Kalau aku bilang "Naik kelas dan dapat Nilai A"
May Allah blessing comes in every of our way, Amin

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