because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Minggu, 28 April 2013

Ignition of dreams

Hola halu....
Wiwh, what's hot these days??? Em a lot actually hihihi.
A bit of dreams, few of loves, but over all is about decision. And i thank GOD because life is coming with its two sides. Black and Blue. Sweet and Bitter. Good and Bad. Trial and Error. Beauty and Beast. But, we all know that some people don't suit with those choices. They tend to make additional on their own. As what shows in a movie. Plan A-B and C or even D. And, I do oftentimes.

Well, a defragmenter is needed mostly. It requires a wider space to what i am having now on my mind. The traffic might be so horrible and feels like the vehicles hitting one another. Been busy, takes off almost of my attention. No pain no gain. Don't you think what makes me such noisy?? I do well, for sure guys.

Actually, this writing is like a coffee break for me after few days of a pile of assignments and all the deals. And thank GOD its work out for best in the beginning, and i hope for last. I believe there will be no progress without any effort. It takes me far from fear.

Talking about hope, my LDR runs well but i thought i did a crack on one of its side. I hope it doesn't make a matter of problem. Even if it occurs, i will not take it as a problem, instead of making it as a lesson for remembered. I know i am not that wiser, but i should be. I am trying.

But having these, kind of life feels to what I have. The songs which playing on my videolist seems very striking in the heart of mine. Theirs like a sound of mind, my mind (maybe) therefore  it scares me to death. It might be my only feeling. A woman. So excessive #LOL but I am way brave - sweeter - smarter and bolder than I was, hehee

Everyone has a dream big, high and hope for a very best ending in line with the provisions of GOD :'), Luck for all. DO YOUR BEST AND BE THE BEST