because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012



Wanita Solehah
Gemar melakukan PUASA…
Sholat malamnya TERJAGA…
Kata-katanya BERNADA…
Pembawaannya ANGGUN dan BERWIBAWA…

Menjauhi GHIBAH dan DUSTA…
Pandai Menyimpan RAHASIA…
Tidak suka BERFOYA-FOYA…

DI MATA suaminya…
Selalu Riang dan PENUH CINTA…

Dia TA’AT pada Allah dan Rasul-Nya…
Dia TA’AT pada suaminya…

Di pelupuk matanya berbinar CAHAYA…
Di mulutnya terlantun DO’A…
Di hatinya tersimpan… “MUTIARA”

Wanita Sholehah itu...
Hatimu tentram ketika MELIHATNYA…
Jiwamu senang ketika MEMANDANGNYA…
Perasaanmu gembira ketika mendengar PENDAPATNYA…

Penghias KEHIDUPAN suaminya…

“Tiada kekayaan yang diambil seorang mukmin setelah takwa kepada Allah yang lebih baik dari istri sholehah.” (Hadits Riwayat Ibn Majah)

B I S M I L L A H . . .

Ya Allah... semoga Engkau memperbanyak wanita sholehah di dunia ini dan memasukkan saudari-saudariku tercinta seiman ke dalamnya.

Aamiin, Aamiin, Aamiin ya Allah ya Rabbal’alamiin

Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

Promise You - KRY (Translation) Japanese Album

While doing something, we passed the changing seasons.
Always we came along holding our hands together.
I could pass the days I wasn't sure, because you were here. I could always stay strong.
The scenery might change in the future,but us, let's be always together.

**Promise you. I will live thinking about you. We are connected by our heart to heart. Promise you.
What I want to tell you is just that I love you.
I will promise the piece of eternity.

We've had little quarrels. We also had hard days and left each other for a while.
But every time, I noticed that I needed you.
If you have difficulties, I want to be the first one to give you hand. Please let me be beside you.
We will experience encounters and separations, but we, let's be next to each other.
Promise you. I want to live my life thinking about you.
What I want to tell you is that I love you.
I always think of the memories of the brave days.

If tomorrow is covered with darkness and there is no sign, don't be afraid.
As long as we keep holding our hands, we can go anywhere.

Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

A gift for the 3rd

Myself got so beaten when facing that moment. all i could remember was only that sentence. so real so deep and so hurt. It suddenly tear down the wall that have built.

i tried myself to kept calm. collecting all the positif sights and let the negative gone. alhamdulillah i did it well even it was difficult. and more, i had a lot of people with their support and suggestion with that problem. Thank you is never been enough for saying to My Allah.

Well what i would like to telling you, that there was a missunderstanding as what my partner said to me. Yes, he did. He apologized as he wanted and i just stood and listend to what i could accept. Oh no, I didn't try to be that strong, I only showed my pride as a girl. And that way means, you might play but I know what I should do back then.

Relationship needs a respect and believe. And I have it all my best. But this LDR takes much than what i can provide from myself. Just like what i had at this 3rd. It shocked me a lot. Yet, i still have to say "Alhamdulillah" because every mountain will find difficulties of its own.

Well, I realize that reality doesn't always come as what we picture in our mind. But honestly this moment i've gotten stornger than before. Maybe because i leave it all to My Allah. and humility, I can only pray for our best. Because i still wanna have more years to come with my partner. May Allah bless us,amin.


a lost brother :')

Well, there's a day where i can't even deny.The day when i met u after an aged. There were lot of questions from our eyes. Yet, we could only say "How's life" and it's a relief when you said everythings done well and you are a daddy of a beautiful daughter now.

He was my boyfriend, a senior at SHS. Our relationship didn't run well so, we decided to saparate when still was at SHS. Fortunately, we got closer after all. That is why i don't have any feeling to stop this relationship even i shouldn't have accepted a meeting after his marriage. But i thought "silaturahim" cannot be cut by anything, except trying a bad intention.

Luckily, we met when i had such a hectic problem with my partner. I thanked God because he is as brother as it should. A solution and support came so smoothly. I hope nothing than a happiness for both of ur living. And last, i don't even try to be the third person. I wish God passed over me.

Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

white drop..

when it's love that causes pain
shedding tears can be the cure
there's no wrong that you've done with me
but you always say sorry
for my shake you should not say cry
it is alright i understand all

when you are this sof, how can i let you go?
this love that i show may be just too cold
chilled as my heart is
you cannot just leave from it

if all great memories are frozen up
if they can't be erased and they just won't melt, what to do?

the sunlight is also cold
on the days when you aren't here
two hands won't be enough for me to count

all that brings memories
just for me don't try to smile
if i worry to you, how can i just leave you?

this love that i show may be just too cold
chilled as my heart is
you cannot just leave from it

if all great memories are frozen up
if they can't be erased and they just won't melt, what to do?

turn back! go!
cause if you wait, who knows i will hold onto you
don't close by me, don't run into me either
cause i will run, and give you a hug

it's only for you
that i wish my wishes
my heart you may know but you can't come up to me
though you may once more make me love you
i will only give pain, tears
that's what i'm scared of