because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

a lost brother :')

Well, there's a day where i can't even deny.The day when i met u after an aged. There were lot of questions from our eyes. Yet, we could only say "How's life" and it's a relief when you said everythings done well and you are a daddy of a beautiful daughter now.

He was my boyfriend, a senior at SHS. Our relationship didn't run well so, we decided to saparate when still was at SHS. Fortunately, we got closer after all. That is why i don't have any feeling to stop this relationship even i shouldn't have accepted a meeting after his marriage. But i thought "silaturahim" cannot be cut by anything, except trying a bad intention.

Luckily, we met when i had such a hectic problem with my partner. I thanked God because he is as brother as it should. A solution and support came so smoothly. I hope nothing than a happiness for both of ur living. And last, i don't even try to be the third person. I wish God passed over me.

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