because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012

another stones

do you believe that there are not accident in life?

that's what i'm trying to keep on my mind in any sweet and bitter moment. everything has been set by Our Lord. there is no coincidence but a truly faith.

i hate myself telling this but still struggling in my heart. but i keep it for a positive stress. for the thing that a little bit more difficult than before.

everything's happen with a causal situation or a correlation, which sometimes the meaning cannot be figured it out. but indeed they are reliable. a great one that we have never thought would happen.

i cried my heart for having such a hard moment. i swallowed my saliva for the moment that i could even stand to cry and i did a lot of things to overcome. i passed but i almost died.

another stones. represents another from the few of its. few of a challenge to be accomplished.

everything happens for reason. and that is a simply why to make our Lord love us. to stay near. that there are no biggest power than our Lord.

Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

Perahu Kertas *lyric

Perahu kertasku kan melaju
Membawa surat cinta bagimu
Kata-kata yang sedikit gila
Tapi ini adanya
Perahu kertas mengingatkanku
Beratapa ajaibnya hidup ini
Mencari-cari tambatan hati
Kau sahabatku sendiri

Hidupkan lagi mimpi-mimpi
(cinta-cinta) cita-cita
Yang lama ku pendam sendiri
Berdua ku bisa percaya

Ku bahagia kau telah terlahir di dunia
Dan kau ada diantara milyaran manusia
Dan ku bisa dengan radarku menemukanmu

Tiada lagi yang mampu berdiri halangi rasaku
Cintaku padamu...