because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Senin, 27 Juni 2011


to be honest..

i can say no for this one!! since i heard about the decision, i felt down after!!
yes i've realized that i cant manage all of my duty well. but that's a process as you said.

but concern with this, i will never give up!! thats my promise!!

Senin, 13 Juni 2011


they sometimes said it..
and i never deny it..

but today someone asked but a crazy 'lil things called love..

and i answer..
he haf to be a religious one..
and skilled in cook..
and etc...

and then the conversation going to a precious moment...
jahahaaaa i cant stop laughing at the time..
seems like i have given a stupid clue to describe what i feel..
like a fantacy never end..

i cant make u ma mind...
untill now, i was..

its turned to a naughty one..
and thats who am i..
he said!!

and again...
i have just put my hands on my head..