because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

next destination

Its been a long time ago since i wish to be there. the most peaceful country. the center of world. well even i didnt know what is that but, at the time i just know that the name is Mecca
Dulunya sih saya sering liat gambar ginian di kalender rumah. dan meskipun pada saat itu ayah dan ibu telah berhasil berangkat ke Tanah Haram itu, namun sayang teknologi belum secanggih sekarang. sehingga tidak ada gambar sebagai kenang-kenangan. hanya cerita dan lalu ingatan yang kembali terbawa ketika mereka kembali melihat gambar-gambar serupa ditelevisi. but as long as i remember, that was an awesome place to go,visit or even stay. subhanallah. i wish i could go there again with my family or my husband later, amin. And then when i grew up, when all the beauty comes. when many kinds of film just appear to Indonesia. such as Eiffel am in love. that was one moment where i can see how beautiful Eiffel. and after that i started to falling in love with the tower. its such a center of a light with four feet. uhu i wish i could be there soon.
Imagine that i was under its feet while talking or having fun with someone or even my family. its gonna be a real happines. *kebanyakan nonton film kartun* As the time goes by when i was having my first moment to work in one of a private company. i had a client whom ever studied in Germany. it was sounds good. listen to his story about how fancy all those country and of course the fashion stuff. even he said that Paris was not too beautiful as we ever imagined and how was he told me that Madrid is totally awesome city that should i visit then. yah maybe Europe is one of a paradise on earth. Then when i watched a movie named Eat Pray and Love. The story tells about how is someone try to find her identity. yah i didn't know the complete outline about, than there is One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia. But that is not the only one reason which make me really eager to go my next country to visit. since my friend and also my client at my office affect me to always care of K-Pop news. and finally i am falling in love with Super Junior, not only the singer and the song but also the culture. they kick me madly with another friend. that is totally funny moment to talk about that. and even though the rest of trainer thought that we are crazy enough. but we let it happen all day long. we love it. we start to try our ability in speaking Hangul a.k.a Korean language. because we are really curious to understand the way they sing their song.
can you see how beautiful this country? uhu but why i cant find it on my map. even i have tried to point my finger round and round.
I even had my next crush with K-Drama. i wonder why Korean can make me madly of their culture like this. let me crazy over my imagination. yes i have asked my mother that i got my next destinition country. she thought i was mad. but really i wish i had a moment to spend half of my life there. amin

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