because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Senin, 26 Desember 2011


aha sudah lama gak posting, habis lupa mulu! but honestly, i have a lot of things which i belive so great so read. ahaaa, in my opinion. yah about my daily routine, bout what i'm thinking of, and bou what i'm going to do. yah i have them all in my mind. something that i wish i had. even seems possible but i try to make it true in my way, yes in a possible way. last week, when i had test, kind of TOEFL prediction. i tried to put in my mind that i would get great grade. at leat better that before. and see i what i got? yes, i got what i had in my mind. better than before. even it wasnt good as it must. but its something for me. like a spirit to boost my mood. so maybe i could turn it from better to BEST* ahaaaa let me try. now, am in my office. waiting for raining. its was raining lately. when i came to office this morning it was raining and now i should back how by raining too. huh. i like raining btw, but not with this stuff. haha. i wish someday i could have a moment to feel the rain drops under my hair. well i gotta go. the rain seems over now. cherio

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