because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Senin, 23 Maret 2015

Magical Moment

Hi..... omg i am so very miss this place much.
Let me tell you that such great things happening to my life recently. Yes and i have been so busy doing that.

First, I have done my super thesis. It was 5th January 2015 I did my result seminar and the graduation will be..NEXT WEEK... (I jux can't wait)

Second, I have just coming back from Umraa, It was 21st February till 14days ahead. And my life now was life "magical moment, each" ..... I couldn't have been blessing like this much (I think)

Third, I have been waiting for one another miracle as well, so please keep cheering me. And yes, I will be sharing you the photos of my Umraa, asap. Do you know, it might be this kind of memory that would make me very wish to have "a door of Doraemon" or such "a magic wand from The Fairy" yes, still couldn't move on from all those very short religious trip :'(

I will be back, have a nice day you all...

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