because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

Little thing called 'I miss YOU buddy'

It was 4 months after his leaving.

I still remember the day when he said it to me, to us that he had decided to leave. i was shock. we were shock. finally the day came. but where is the good in goodbye. oh i prefer hang up my telephone than say goodbye.

Fortunately, we don't lose our communication as what i ever imagined. The technology is really helpful nowadays. I could find him anytime i want even a joke.

Let me tell you why he finally decided to leave. Since i met him that day, he frankly said to me that he has a wish to travel around the world, and the way is by sailing. Hence when he had a chance, he chose it. I thought he was in a wrong decision but he wasn't. He does it seriously. And I wish for his best cause he deserve for it.

I was with him and liz azzahwa last night. We had a great night. Even it was too short to share a lot. Now, he is waiting for his LG and Visa. Kind of the requirement as a sailor man. He said that he is going to have a sail through a cruiser. It sounds really good. I can clearly picture it in my mind how wonderful world through it.

He is one of my close friend when i was newbie. We used to spent our time together. Had a lot of things to share when we had. He is kind of a brother for me.

And last night when i set both of our picture as my DP in BB. The world turned into fun. I wish he could be someone else. Ahaha.

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