because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

To learn is To know

Hoah it’s been a long time right…yep now am learning about HANGUL(한글). Hangul is the native alphabet in Korean language. It was created in the mid-15th century, and is now the official script of both North Korea and South Korea. Hangul is a true alphabet of 24 consonant and vowel letters. Hangul letters are grouped into blocks, such as 한 han; each of these blocks transcribes a syllable. The following letters and sequences are found:

14 consonant letters: 1. ㄱ (g); 2. ㄴ (n); 3. ㄷ (d); 4. ㄹ (l/r); 5. ㅁ (m); 6. ㅂ (b); 7. ㅅ (s); 8. ㅇ (-/ng); 9. ㅈ (j); 10. ㅊ (ch); 11. ㅋ (k); 12. ㅌ (t); 13.ㅍ (p); 14. ㅎ (h).

There are also 13 obsolete consonants: ᄛ, ㅱ, ㅸ, ᄼ, ᄾ, ㅿ (alveolar), ㆁ (velar), ᅎ, ᅐ, ᅔ, ᅕ, ㆄ, ㆆ.

5 double ("tense") consonants: 1. ㄲ (kk); 2. ㄸ (tt); 3. ㅃ (pp); 4. ㅆ (ss); 5. ㅉ (jj). In addition, there are 10 obsolete double consonants: ㅥ, ᄙ, ㅹ, ᄽ, ᄿ, ᅇ, ᇮ, ᅏ, ᅑ, ㆅ.

11 consonant clusters: 1. ㄳ (gs); 2. ㄵ (nj); 3. ㄶ (nh); 4. ㄺ (lg); 5. ㄻ (lm); 6. ㄼ (lb); 7. ㄽ (ls); 8. ㄾ (lt); 9. ㄿ (lp); 10. ㅀ (lh); 11. ㅄ (bs). There are also 66 obsolete clusters of two consonants: ᇃ, ᄓ, ㅦ, ᄖ, ㅧ, ㅨ, ᇉ, ᄗ, ᇋ, ᄘ, ㅪ, ㅬ, ᇘ, ㅭ, ᇚ, ᇛ, ㅮ, ㅯ, ㅰ, ᇠ, ᇡ, ㅲ, ᄟ, ㅳ, ᇣ, ㅶ, ᄨ, ㅷ, ᄪ, ᇥ, ㅺ, ㅻ, ㅼ, ᄰ, ᄱ, ㅽ, ᄵ, ㅾ, ᄷ, ᄸ, ᄹ, ᄺ, ᄻ, ᅁ, ᅂ, ᅃ, ᅄ, ᅅ, ᅆ, ᅈ, ᅉ, ᅊ, ᅋ, ᇬ, ᇭ, ㆂ, ㆃ, ᇯ, ᅍ, ᅒ, ᅓ, ᅖ, ᇵ, ᇶ, ᇷ, ᇸ, and 17 of three consonants: ᇄ, ㅩ, ᇏ, ᇑ, ᇒ, ㅫ, ᇔ, ᇕ, ᇖ, ᇞ, ㅴ, ㅵ, ᄤ, ᄥ, ᄦ, ᄳ, ᄴ.

6 vowel letters: 1. ㅏ (a); 2. ㅓ (eo); 3. ㅗ (o); 4. ㅜ (u); 5. ㅡ (eu); 6. ㅣ (i) plus obsolete ㆍ

4 iotized vowel letters (semivowel–vowel): 1. ㅑ (ya); 2. ㅕ (yeo); 3. ㅛ (yo); 4. ㅠ (yu) plus obsolete ᆜ, ᆝ, ᆢ

11 diphthongs: 1. ㅐ (ae); 2. ㅒ (yae); 3. ㅔ (e); 4. ㅖ (ye); 5. ㅘ (wa); 6. ㅙ (wae); 7. ㅚ (oe); 8. ㅝ (wo); 9. ㅞ (we); 10. ㅟ (wi); 11. ㅢ (ui). There are also 41 obsolete diphthongs: ᅷ, ᅸ, ᅹ, ᅺ, ᅻ, ᅼ, ᅽ, ᅾ, ᅿ, ᆀ, ᆁ, ᆂ, ᆃ, ㆇ, ㆈ, ᆆ, ᆇ, ㆉ, ᆉ, ᆊ, ᆋ, ᆌ, ᆍ, ᆎ, ᆏ, ᆐ, ㆊ, ㆋ, ᆓ, ㆌ, ᆕ, ᆖ, ᆗ, ᆘ, ᆙ, ᆚ, ᆛ, ᆟ, ᆠ, ㆎ.

The four iotated vowels are derived by adding a short stroke to the basic vowel. They are counted as part of the 24 letters of the alphabet because the iotating stroke is not a letter on its own. In fact, there is no letter for y in Hangul.

Of the consonants, ㅊ chieut, ㅋ kieuk, ㅌ tieut, and ㅍ pieup are aspirated derivatives of ㅈ zieut, ㄱ giyeok, ㄷ digeut, and ㅂ bieup,respectively, formed by adding an extra stroke to the unaspirated letters. These are also counted as separate letters of the alphabet, as the aspirating stroke is not a letter on its own.

The doubled consonants, which are used in South Korea, are also counted as separate letters of the alphabet. In North Korea, their sounds are written by combining ㅅ s with the basic consonant: ㅺ, ㅼ, ㅽ, ㅆ, ㅾ (

It was little bit hard to learn this one. But as long as remind my intention to learn about this, I will be directly turn my mood. if I am not mistaken I have ever posted something about some destination, some dream that I wish I could have, some stories about it. Korea. Oh now it’s not only because K-Pop effects this is truly Hallyu-Korean Wave. From The Drama to Actor/Actress then OST ,and finally the Boy/Girlband. Then I realized why don’t I try to learn it for adding my new knowledge in language? Hence that moment my friend and I are learning it. It was Saturday when we went to bookstore and met the Hanguk Saram (Orang Korea) accidently. Feel like having the first gate to our dream. Ridha and I looked like a very pitiful girls while listening how they replied the conversation by their language. They were so friendly. Kim Eunju and Yoo Nam are representatives from Korean Government to teach over country. They will be in here until September. Luckily, they asked us to met next week. Even though we didn’t ask them first. We were so excited. Share contact each other then said Annyeong Haseyo so seriously. Wawh. This is how I say God knows but wait****************

Then now we are having a good friendship. I am so thankful. We are so thankful. Anyway during our way to Korea we have made our name. By considering every aspects also the meaning of course. Haha. This is it:
Kim Hye Na : Mine (after getting so confused with Hae Na / and Hyu Na)
Park Kyu Ri : Ridha
Song Cye Won: Sry
Kang Hyu Na : Anna
Lee Rye Won : Any
We wish to have a flight to Korea soon. It will be good if i could get a free visa from an organization like NGO(Non Goverment Organization). or even if i would handle all the fare. But i am so eager. we are so eager. We will.

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