because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Jumat, 24 Mei 2013

11th may 2013

Proud and appreciative. two verbs are produced from a hard work. but clearly, when someone won a competition they are proud of and was cheered, while failing often overlooked without seeing his hard work.

Funny how people keep complaining within a process and a result but giving comment is only worthless. keep on moving. because when people complaining, means that you are on a half way of your goal. that's it.

Pride and appreciation were costly but the fruit is very sweet.

Yah, sweater when it's true #LOL
and prises to ALLAH, the result was so great. Even i expected more but at the very beginning, i didn't set it too much therefore i didn't hold any regretting though the bestie said i should have got the blessing from mom at first but i ate them. The Band* came as just what i did, it relieved right after i checked it. Really.

And mommy, don't worry, you beautiful lil' girl will be on your side in a long term still and forever.

I have done my best, even might not be the very best of mine and i feel so much enough to know how far i can walk (now) at least i know. myself. the competence.

There is a different between giving up and knowing when you had enough. 

I am not giving up in any points but rather to take a moment of believing that there's another way of catching the goal at the very soon time. #noted

I believe with GOD disposal, never early never late and i love it much :')

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