because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Privacy is not Plastic

I just finished making a very pleasant conversation. Having a plenty of free time should be good for a calling since the signal was cooperative too. Miles away but seems so close.

Going to midnight i had a short chat with a friend. One of the very talkactive. Talking about some stories of junior highs chool and who was the man i am with now. In short, the conversation got broader and the thing i didn't expect happend. Oh no, my mind suddenly felt uneasy. Something better should be there.

I didn't do it on purpose of what we weren't expected. All i thought was just hid the privacy, that's it. Unfortunately i was loosing my grip. Without realizing that it possibly would occur some suspicious spot.

Shortly, we argued. Telling that i knew i was wrong wouldn't make anything better. Even the reply had said a kind of acceptance of sorry but, i knew it wasn't really is, through it was exactly what i feel if you do it too. I should have told you before. I should.

If you know, i never thought i would be like this. So, selfish.

The friend that i talked with was a friend called friend no more. Yes, he was a he but no more extra words for him. And cannot be equated with my besties.

I am not plastic as your thought. Privacy is needed in order to get rid people of stalking with our bussiness. Since the very first i have told you that if only i had our own field to share what we felt so that would be remarkable. However, it couldn't been accomplishde because the demands of situation. I wish you were here. So you couldn't only see these ruth but directly see the writer's eyes. 

Never regret. If it's good, It's wonderful. If it's bad, then It's an experience -Victoria Holt-

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