because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Sabtu, 24 November 2012

melancolic steps

i thought it didn't exist anymore, but it was. it was clear on my mind, how did a shaking hands saying a sweet hello to me behind the shelf. i had never acrossed my mind that it was a really sweet hello for something. it was just a hello for sure.

in reality we closely talked without having any discomfort feelings. gave support, told jokes, strenghten, even talked roughly one another. but, it seemed that every single moment accidentally happend with an intention. i got myself being tickled by some kinds of feelings. it was odd but real.

it so much funny how life set all the scenario. such a flow, it formed the way it should be. Becoming a friend and letting my ear to be used as a good listener for a lot of love stories got me sick. since first i put on my mind that it would be happend soon or later. and it was there. i could stand. but then i laugh soundly

life such a magic wand. surprising. a mid time when i almost lose the bound. it sticked itself. i was one of the companion. had day out together. laughed our days and enjoy them, indeed. like a group of future. i was treated differently. but i had never got the point seriously.

a bit far when i realized that we got it closer. i was afraid that i would be the end of all. i didn't want to take any step. i stood on my sight. but then it came to the end of a new beginning. it really was. it took time to convince ourselves for a faith of something never appeared but beat beautifully.

there will be nobody love like i love you. that's the right sentence f.o.r.e.v.e.r for us

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