because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

June 2012

almost 23rd age of my existence in this world. but what exactly should have done by someone. i guess nothing that the degree of their faith itself.

live more intimate now. you know how to make something for the best grade or even opposite. but the anxiety still comes and passes by you.

it is normal when you think that your birthday month should be the greatest month once in a year at least. and so do i. everytime this month come i will always list a lot of wishes on my own diary. well i don't think there will be a fairy takes it and swing it's magic wand on it. it is just like some lists to move-on to realize that time flies faster that we feel.

thank GOD because i can pass every month better than before. there are always a lot of revolution. yah a bit different but i meant it.

this month i have a little more hope than previous months. things that always tries to block my way. but they will not appear on this, i will tell YOU personally. but as usual they are about heart and belief. i can't help, but i should.

then this conversation emerged on my mind:
ME:oh June. why you are so special to me?
JUNE: yes because we met here at the first time
ME: why should you in June?
JUNE: cause sometimes we need to be in a half way to realize something. and relovution never too late.
ME: ooowww i know now. GOD sends you as my revolution month, doesn't it?
JUNE: more than that....

wise man say, give a try - now or never. but the belief of my birthday month doesn't mean that i'm going to wait it for a revolution. its only a momentum of a birth. which will always connect to me as a sign. moreover the star-sign.ha ha until now i still try to find some light of it. no, i don't believe it except it sounds good.

my family isn't the type of people who likes to celebrate. but for some moments they do. every year if i celebrate the 7th day i can be with my friends, family or special friend. if its possible, i will celebrate with all of them. and its always damn fun and forgettable.

last year, i was with my fellow in office also with my best-friend from campus. there wasn't surprise as teenagers do only general party, but i couldn't forget it all. i don't know for this year what would my birthday be. *whispering some hopes

well i hope this month comes with its miracle from GOD,amin

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