because life is a miracle

because life is a miracle

Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

ollallaa day

dju kno what does it mean olalla in ma office...
yep!!! it can be many things...happy sad funny and today its about "get salary"
wakhakaakaaaa.....everybody in olallaaa today...waiting for da time...
they have already made their plan for what will they have bought after they had it!!
nice to hear that!!

but actually was not feel okay this morning! i had oversleep and it made me really late to get office!! the worst moment when i was succeed to left ma client waiting for me!! gosh!! i had ma first SP in ma hands now!! shit!! but how can i sad, then ma friends hugs tight...akakakaaa lets finda "ismail" again!!

cuz tomorrow we all will be having a great time!! yes shopping guys!!

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